Change management

We support change processes in manufacturing companies - Focus: Medium-sized Enterprises!

  •      Implementation of new strategies, structures
  •      Change in the behavior and communication
  •      Storing conventional thought patterns and going new ways
  •      Enhanced training and organizational involvement of employees
  •      Increased efficiency through process optimization / -neugestaltung

We specialize in
the design of effective organizational structures!

  •      Redesign of company structures
  •      Improve the cost-benefit ratio
  •      Reorganization of internal business processes
  •      Modification / adaptation of the strategy

Ask about our national and international references to restructuring and reorganization projects!

Since 2003 projects for restructuring and organizational development have been implemented, involving those from 20 to over 5000 employees.

These companies were small and medium-sized companies and international corporations in Europe, Russia and South Africa.

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